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Make cost savings and be energy EFFICIENT.

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Beautiful looks, lasting performance, high security and energy efficiency are the key ingredients in our products.

Ask for a quote to get one of ours authorised installers and they’ll be able to help you make the right investement for your home. With Kommerling Windows or doors you can also product that’s designed by some of Europe’s Top engineers in the constructon and home improvements markets.

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O70 Gold Window & Door System
Energy Efficient
Five chambered system is more energy efficient than the 3 chambered designs from many of our competitors.
Steel Reinforcement
The ful depth, central eurogroove helps make the windows and doors more secure.
UK Kommerling C70Gold O70Gold double seal resi doors white
O70 Gold
The ovolo deisgn of O70 Gold shows off soft sculptured lines in the frame, sash and galzing bead.
Europe's No.1
Which means we have the resources to develop the very best products and materials in the market.
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Make cost saving and be energyy efficient.

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Combine a sense of style with German engineering.

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