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Combine a sense of style with German engineering.

Enchance your home – with O70 Gold.

Combine a sense of style with German engineering.

A window or door is not only functional, but it can be stylish too. A subtle change in design from your existing window or door can result in more practicality, better looks and enhanced energy efficiency. Our Authorised Installer’s  can hep you with this important decision. >ask for a free quote.

Make it yours – make it a statement.

Thanks to our global resources, we’ve been able to invest in products that can be perfectly tailored to your need in terms of design.We can also offer a huge range of colours as you’ll find out later on in this brochure. Combined, this will give you the opportunity to make your investment a little more individual.

There are also subtle design features in our products, beyond the lead free materials that we use in the manufacturing process. Soft sculptured lines in the window and door frame, sash and glazing bead make for a traditional ook and low line gaskets allow for slimmer sightlines and more glass.

Your local installer

We’ve got installers right across the UK and Ireland and beacuse our products are so well designed, it makes it easier for them to carry out an installation of the very best quality from start to finish. They have also bought into our sensitive approach to the environment.

Ask our installer’s about the window and door options, glass types, colour and hardware and they will be able to expertly advice you of the best available options in the market today.

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