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Make cost saving and be energyy efficient.

Energy efficiency is one of the buzz terms for the 21st Century and quite rightly so. We’ll eventually run out of natural resources and so that’s why governments across the globe are looking at ways in which to cut their respective carbon footprints. We can do our bit by using less in the home and by investing in more energy efficient products.

KÖMMERLING’s five chambered design.

Out O70 Gold system has 5 chambers, unlike the dated 3  chambered designs of many of our competitors. This means that our products are more energy efficient and thats a fact. Some of our customers can also offer energy rated products like we see on white good on the high street, while others can offer low U-values, which help keep the warmth in.

Online energy saving and CO2 calculator.

Log on to our website and click on our online calculator under the news section., We can show you how much money you could save each year with our products and also how many tonnes of CO2 you could save the environment. Go on, see how much you can save on your pocket and for the planet. >

Windows Energy Ratings

Look out for our windows that carry a window energy rating. Our windows readily achieve A, B and C rating thanks to their highly energy efficient design. Alternatively they will carry a U-value and will help reduce your expensive energy bills.

Low maintenance.

Our PVCu windows and doors have been designed to be near maintenance free. Just a little ligt oil on the moving parts once every few years sould see your investment last well over 20 years.

We’ve been testing our products in some of the world’s harshest climates including deserts and extreme alpine locations over long periods of time with great success.

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